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Need Report sorting help!

I would like to create report with an aggregate column, but not sort by the grouped column.  For instance, I would like to rollup sales (sum sales)  by sales rep (group by sales rep), but then I need to create a report that allows me to sort by total sales, not the sales rep.  How do I do that?
I would also like the user to be able to click on any column and sort by that column (e.g. region or salesrep or country, or etc.).  Finally is there any way to specify specify a dynamic sort order (e.g. by region, then by total sales, then by salesrep)?
Gloria Lee 
I searched the discussion board, and discovered to my dismay that someone else asked for this a few weeks ago and was informed that SF does not currently support this (except through dashboards).  This is pretty unbelievable, given what a basic database function this is, but that being the case, is there any way to develop custom code to perform this function.  And if so, has anyone done this?