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Where is "My Personal Documents", and custom color palettes

When trying to setup a custom tab, I'd like to use a custom icon and a custom color palette.  For the icon, the only option is "My Personal Documents", but I can't seem to find it anywhere.  For the color palette, a set of a couple hundred colors comes up, but with no way to determine their RGB values, much less create a color with a custom RGB value.

Is there some way to do this with the Developer version of force.com?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Best regards,
Hi Chris,

My Personal Documents is a default folder in the Documents tab. Navigate to the Documents tab and upload your image.

It is important to note the dialog to select an image only lists files in document folders that are under 20 KB and have the Externally Available checkbox selected in the document property settings. For more information, see uploading images and document property settings.

Hope that helps,
Deepanshu Singh 4Deepanshu Singh 4
Document tab is not present in my Developer Org... Nor it is there in available custom tabs as well