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Picture Uploader not functioning, gives error...

...Operating On0032000000CMwSH
Javascript error shown on page, exception thrown but not not handled.
Any help would be appreciated as i think this would be a very useful feature.

Many thanks,

I am attempting to recreate this function for a different object. Do you know how to modify the S-Control and formulas to do this? I have almost got it working. When I click on the Picture Upload button it goes to the search engine and I am able to upload a photo. When I press DONE I get a URL cannot be found error.
Any luck on this? when I click done I get the same error "You have attempted to reach a URL that no longer exists"
I was able to identify two problems with the Picture Uploader 2.1.
The first is the script on the Button is calling an invalid S-Control.  Since, the App is managed you will need to create a new button and copy the script.  Change the 15 character id that follows "lid=" to the S-control ID found when looking at the detail page of the Custom S-control.
The second problem is with the S-control itself.  For some reason, the final line "parent.window.location.href="/" + entityId;" creates an error.  I created a new S-control copying the script exactly except removing this line.  After the script runs, it returns to the contact page automatically.  You need to create the new S-control becuase like the button it is a managed App and will not let you modify it.
Make sure you direct the Button to the new S-control as described in my first comment.
With those two changes, you should be good to go.  After, I "played" with this App to figure it out I decided it makes more sense to uninstall it and just recreate it manually since there are only two fields, a button, and an S-control.  The about tab and the downloaded App take up otherwise useable space.  besides, it doesn't appear that Salesforce is actually managing this App as they claim.
Would anyone be so kind as to write out the exact steps (i.e. Setup>Customize>Contacts>Page Layout .......) to get this application functional?
can you please provide more detail on how to replace id with the code in the custom s-control? thanks.