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Survey Force anonymous login

Hi All,


I have installed an app "Survey Force App" for one of our clients

However, I am able to solicit anonymous surveys only.

Need to attach them to respective contacts


In one of the reviews for this app i got  the following details:


"Once you have the survey working correctly(never did), you still need to connect an email service to move your questions to the contacts and back to SFDC


Can anyone please suggest what can be the way forward?


Many thanks in advance,



You will need to customize Survey Forcevlike this :

- sending out survey emails, include an encrypted Contact id parameter in the survey url

- in the code managing the survey answer, add a trigger to interpret the Contact id parameter and attach the answer to that Contact.


This requires programming skills and access to Apex : not available in Professional edition.


I hope that helps. Ask me if you need more details,



Hi Rup,


Thank you very much for replying.

I am using a force.com - multi app ( enterprise edition) instance so have access to apex as well as limited programming skills.

Just to explain further following is the link i am able to send users:




The one highlighted above  as you pointed out, is a "contact parameter".

Now if i were to have a "customer portal", that Id would be automatically filled up when the receipient would login with his credentials,

as is what i understood from the documentation available on same.

Now since i donot have one i donot know how to go about :


  1. Providing unique Id to each survey taker
  2. Matching such with his salesforce contact Id

Or, use some kind of an external Id such as "email" 


Hope i am not bothering much.


Thanks once again,