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Automate Triggering of Action Plans based on Sales Stage

The Action Plans v3 workes great but in our scenario we need the following option:

- When a new Opportunity is created, the Stage always starts at "Prospecting"

- How do I "Trigger an Action Plan" based on that Sales Stage?

- Which would automatically load the Action Plan and it's preassigned tasks?

- Then when the stage changes to "Qualification", it triggers the next Action Plan automatically?


Currently we would have to "manually" assign the Action Plan based on the Stage, which runs the risk of not being assigned..

Daly BabayDaly Babay
Hi Jalexander 

I see that this post has been there for few years and no response from Salesforce

I think this has to be done from a coder as I was trying to find a way also and could not

If you found a solution for this matter kindly type it here otherwise I will update you if I find one! 

All the Best!
Hi m having d same requirement...
Please reply if u were able to do the same!!!
Hi All,

Use the this query below
SELECT Id, ActionPlanTemplateId, Name, Version FROM ActionPlanTemplateVersion
and add the Id value assocaited to your Name of the template  to process builder 
User-added image