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Connector doesn't pull down all the records

I have a mismatch between the "Reports" feature of Salesforce, and the Excel Connector.
While in "Reports", I select the Account table, choose a few fields to view, and select "all visible accounts" and set my start date to 1/1/1999 with no end date.  Our company started in 2003, so that includes all Accounts.  Then I "Export Details to Excel".
Using Reports, my record count is 5322
When I use the Excel connector, I choose every column in the Account table, and add NO selection criteria for the query.
Using the Excel Connecor, my record count is 318. 
When I noticed the discrepancy, I checked a few of the account records, placed them in edit mode and saved the record.  Once I did that, the Excel Connector seemed to pull down the recently edited account when I re-ran the query, increasing my record count.  But it's a far cry from the 5000 records that the Excel Connector does NOT pull down.
Am I doing something wrong?  How do I pull down ALL records using the Excel connector.
if you use no criteria in the excel connector, it's going to take recently updated accounts.  you should try running the query much like the way you ran it within SFDC, i.e. - putting a created date greater than 1/1/1999 or something of that nature.

That's the answer.  Thanks very much.  I really appreciate it.


Ron HessRon Hess

Yeah, it creates a "default" query assuming that you have tons of data and dont want to wait all day for the query to fill.

The default query is "modified in the past week" and marked in yellow in cells b1,c,d1 sort of as an example of "my first query"

I never use any date criteria while pulling records. But I am getting correct numbers...
Roy D.Roy D.
Check the user role rights.  I had the same problem.