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wanted to pull contacts & accounts

Hi All,

I wanted to pull some contacts and thier accounts using Excel connector. Can some body guide me on how I achive this.


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Unless you have some special needs which make the connector particularly appropropriate (and there are those, of course), I'd recommend using a report to extract contacts and related accounts. 
You can build the report, save it and then either:
    1)  simply run it manually to produce a csv file for use in Excel, or
    2)  import the report into Excel using the Office Edition tool-bar.
with the choice depending primarily on how often you intend to do it.

The advantage of this approach is that the report will automatically perform the join for you, picking the appropriate account information to match the contacts.

In the connector, you'll need to retrieve the accounts and contacts in separate queries. There are a number of ways to do this, but all involve some complexity. 

I've found that the easiest way is to build two related joins.  For this, refer to the last chapter in the documentation on  "Joining Tables". It shows several examples of how to built two separate queries with links between them.

Other alternatives include various strategies for building separate joins manually, or the use of the sflookup callable function (see the documentation).


I have used the "IN" function and it works a treat: here's an extract and the link to the doc:

To demonstrate an example of the IN join, we will reverse the two tables in the first example, this is to answer the question, what are all the opportunities located at the accounts listed in the first table. Account will be our first table, and Opportunity data will be fetched into the second table. Note, the data will not line up on neat rows which match the first table, this is because many opportunities may exist at a single account.

Look under Joining Tables