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Problems Deleting Products

Can anybody shed some light here for me?
The "Mass Delete" function for Products does not work in SFdc !
So I figure I'll do it with Excel Connector but that doesn't appear to work either!
Here is what I am seeing:
Sometimes the Delete Object works and sometimes I get the following error message:
Error generated by request:: One of the records in the batch call resulted in
an error.  Examine the records to determine which one(s) failed.
Exception Code : 51202
I can try again with records that failed and sometimes it will say that the object has been Deleted.
However when I go in to SFdc nothing has been deleted!
I have tried all kinds of different combinations of Product, Product2, Pricebook Entry, and nothing that I do will
let me Delete Products.
I am wondering if you mistyped your error message, I only get the Exception Code: 5102. Assuming that is the correct error code, then it occurs whenever you try and delete an object from the Product table. The Product Table appears to be related to the unit Price and not the actual product itself. So when you try and delete the object you are only effecting the Unit Price and the Unit actually is recorded in the Product2 table.

To Mass Delete Products, Query the Products2 Table and then delete the objects that are no longer relevant. This will also remove them from the Products Table.

I was able to delete and find it removed within Salesforce 100% of the time. I'm only using a Standard Pricebook so it may be  different if you are using multiple pricebooks.

On the Products Tab, there is a Mass Delete Products link under maintenance that should also accomplish what you are asking for. If it doesn't work, I would report it to Salesforce.
Also check if these products are associated with any opportunities. In this case it will not allow you to delete unless they are removed from the opportunity first.