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Excel Connector Exception Code: 5102 trying to delete records

I'm trying to delete records from the Product2 Table, which works intermittently...
I keep getting an Exception Code: 5102 which says:
Error generated by request:: One of the records in the batch call resulted in an error.
Examine the records to determine which one(s) failed.
Exception Code: 5102
As is always the case I am the only one in the universe who has ever seen this error as a search across all Salesforce board brings up zilch!
Anybody out there clue me in to what the heck the message might mean?  And more importantly why the delete function intermittenly fails with this exception (actually fails 5 times for every time it works)?
Thanks once again!
Hi Mike,

You cant delete the products, cause their are added to an opportunity. First you have to change the product in the oppportunity so you can delete the product.

Hope this could help.