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Problem inserting a new Opportunity with the Excel Connector

I am having a problem inserting a new opportuntiy.  Here is the error message I get
Salesforce:  Create()
invalid Range, missing datatype, or other error
type is :  Opportunity
Value out of range
I have narrowed down the problem to two custom fields I am trying to load.  Both are percent fields.  When I just type a value into the cells for those fields the insert works just fine.  When I put a cell reference in there for the value, I get the error mentioned above.
I am having a similar issue when trying to inser new opportunities.
My error message says : Update ()
invalid Range, missing data type,or other unknown error
bad ID newY55
I have a campaign created and now I want to insert an opportunity for a specific account with the campaign ID included. This is the first time I am trying to use this so I am not sure if it works or not
Did anybody ever experienced this before?
I have figured it out.
I have not realized that I have been hitting Update Selected Cells first intead of Insert Selected Rows and then waiting for an ID and then clicking on Update Selected Cells.
Stephanie Jones 11Stephanie Jones 11
I am having almost the exact same problem as the OP; I notice this was never answered and am hoping someone out there can shed some light on this.  I have two records that will not insert no matter what out of about forty records.  I have reviewed the data and cannot find anything that is different about those two records compared to the other successful ones.  Unlike the OP, I can't narrow it down to any field(s), so I have no idea what could be wrong.  Help?!

Stephanie Jones 11Stephanie Jones 11
Found my own answer finally; it was a problem with percentages the formula was pulling in.  Salesforce is set up to account for two decimal places and the two opportunities I was trying to insert had three in the raw data.  We amended the formula to round to two places and it appears to have fixed the problem.