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VBA Excel Macro Script to run "Run each query on all sheets"

What code would I write in my VBA module to have my macro automatically step into the "Run each query on all sheets" menu item from the connector?
I have written some VBA code to handle the preceding and subsequent steps, and now just need to call that connector function to complete the macro.
Thanks in advance.
Ron HessRon Hess
i had to open excel , then hit Alt-F11, now open the sforce_connector project, modules -> AutoExec

found this gem

Public Function sfQueryAllSheets()

so your code would be
call sfQueryAllSheets

, note you need to have the workbook selected when you make this call  

Ok, but when I try to look at the SF connector code, it prompts me for a password.  I can't see the code.
Robb HughesRobb Hughes

I think he was referencing the Force.com connector  (sforce_connector.xla) not the SalesForce Excel Addin (SFDC12.xlam). I found it just where he said it was.