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Data Migration

I am tasked with doing a basic migration of CRM data from my company's Group Edition Org to their Professional Edition Org. We are migrating 7 users and the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Reports, data and configuration tot he Professional Edition org. There are only a few custom fields to migrate and since they are on Group edition, there is not much to worry about. The only issue that I cannot access the group edition data / configuration through the API, so I am assuming the only way to get the data out is to request a one-time extract from SFDC, or just create basic reports to export data to excel? Is this true? Also, interms of loading this exported data into Professional edition, what is the easiest, fastest, and most effective option? The import wizards (these don't work for all objects like opportunities) or the ExcelConnector? Apparently, the data loader only works with EE or higher. Please advise.
You thing you're going to run into here is that all the links between objects won't work in the new org. For example, the Contacts link to AccountID won't work, because the Accounts will get new IDs upon import. I don't know what you can/can't do in Group Edition, but if you can, you would ideally have a custom field called something like PrevAccountID and write the old AccountID into that field. The sforce connector will also probably be quite helpful in this endeavor. Good luck!
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I'm sure you've migrated the data a time ago yet want to leave here some advice for other users who struggle with the similar issue or if another data migration is needed.

Use a third-party tool Data2CRM to migrate data from CRMs (e.g.Salesforce) to any Salesforce edition directly. For example, you can migrate accounts, attachments, calls, cases, comments, contacts, emails, events, leads, notes, opportunities, posts, products, tags, tasks automatically.
Alternatively, use Custom migration if there are advanced requirements.
In both cases, your data will be migrated with no loss, keeping relations between records.

No specific tech skills and API access are requested.

Take a look at the service on AppExchange

Hope, it is useful advice