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Problem displaying Object names?

Hi everyone,


I got Windows Vista and Office 2003, I installed the Office Toolkit 3.0 and Sforce connector 6.16, but I got a problem, everytime I try to build a query using its wizzard, no objects are shown in the picklist, so can't select fields and later, run the query. I just login, choose the cell A1 as the place to put the query but as I said, no object list is shown.


Besides, if I take a former excel file with a previous query (builded before), I can run that query with no problem.


I hope you could help me.





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Hi everybody,


Well, finally I found the reason of my problem. And it is because the Office doesn't support the API 17.0 yet. (Feb1st/2010)


See this post: http://community.salesforce.com/sforce/board/message?board.id=Excel_Connector&message.id=1490#M1490


Solution: Use API 16.0


 I hope this information could help many others.






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