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Excel Connector, Office 2007, Office Toolkit version 4

I followed the instructions to load Office Toolkit from the Setup section in Salesforce which installed Office Toolkit version 4, I then followed the instructions to install the Excel Connector - loaded it in through the Add-Ins, which worked. However I got an error ( and a VB Page popped up with the method for this error) that said the Connector couldn't find the library for Office Toolkit version 3.


I don't know where to find Office Toolkit version 3, let alone install it correctly, nor if after the previous effort whether the Excel Connector will work at all as it is notorious for screwing up to such an extent that one actually has to re-install Excel and Word to have any chance of it working, which I really don't want to do as the only benefit to the Excel Connector is the FIXID function which I need to use VLookup for files derived from Salesforce Reports.


So what do I need to do now that I've gotten this far, or even better, is there another way to create a function or macro to provide the FIX ID capability, as I really don't want to have to use the Excel Connector if I can avoid it?




Link to Toolkit version 3:


Issue is that I think that you have an older version of the Excel Connector which won't work with Office 07.  Make sure you have version  9.01 of the Connector and SP2 of Office 2007


I appreciate the link but it takes me to a link to install Office Toolkit 3.0, not a new version of Excel Connector. I just installed Office Toolkit 4.0 from the Salesforce Setup Desktop Integration section. So, it sounds like I have to find a way to either remove the Office Toolkit 4.0 from Excel, and maybe the old Excel Connector will work (not holding my breath), or if there is in fact a version of Excel Connector that works with both Office 2007 AND the new Office Toolkit 4.0 version, that would be better.


About a year ago, I installed Excel Connector to Office 2007 using Office Toolkit 3, and it sort of worked. The toolbar showed up, but none of the functions (FIXID especially) ever showed up which was the primary reason I wanted to use it. So if I have to revert back to OT 3.0, it would help to know how to ensure the EXC functions show up.


Thanks for responding though



Sorry misread your post.  Which version of the connector are you using?  Currently my department is using Connector 9.01 it works with both Office 07 and OT 4.0.  I forgot where I found it because it's not with the other versions of the Connector.  If you want message me with your email and I'll attach the file to you and hopefully that's what your looking for.

So, just to follow up on this. I went back to the link provided for Office Toolkit 3 and followed the instructions for installation. I then re-added the sForce Connector - which is at version 9.01. Also, I do have SP2 for Office 2007 installed.


Adding the Excel Connector back causes the same issue - Can't find a library for Office Toolkit 4.0. I don't really see how to deinstall Office Toolkit 4, which is apparently what Sforce Connector sees when I try to add it into Excel.


So, I'm guessing that Office Toolkit 4.0 and Excel Connector 9.01 are not compatible, and I don't really know how to get rid of Office Toolkit 4 so I can reliably install Office Toolkit 3 - or at least set it up so that sForce Connector can see its libraries - as I'm not quite the Office 2007 Tekkie.


Does anyone have any idea how to get this to work or help me either install or deinstall whatever is necessary to get it to work?


Thanks again






I'm at I'll give it a shot.








Before I send you the files I just realized something.  Our developer had to crete new OCX files for this thing to work so not sure if these files will work with this new information.


No problem. I'm not surprised you guys had to do something to make this work. Since there are three different parties involved in this - the Excel Connector developer, Salesforce, and Microsoft, its not like we can really rely on these three parties working together to maintain compatibility. Its really up to the Excel Connector developer to do that, and since the app is free, there's not a whole lot of motivation for this person to bother with it.


You know, all I really want is an easy way to produce a macro or function in Excel to convert 15 character IDs into 18 character IDs. I know what the formula is, as far as splitting the id into three 5-character strings and determining a binary value for each, but I have no idea how to design it in Excel.


If you or anyone else has a clue of an easy way to do that, I would be most appreciative.


Thanks for your help though.




I upgraded to Office 2007 (SP1) today and hand to reinstall the Excel Connnector to be used for an EE org. I used the resources below with little problems.


Excel Connector (EE/UE) -

Office Toolkit 3.0 -


The download site for the Connetor says to use Office Toolkit 4.0 but my install is working with 3.0.


I installed the Connector first, then the Toolkit.



Latest Office Toolkit can be downloaded from within your salesforce instance.


Click Setup->Desktop Integration->Connect for Office