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Importing from HTML to Excel Horizontially

I have the need to import thousands of contacts from internet lists.  The lists are usually vertical instead of horizontal.  In other words, when I copy and paste into Excel, all the data goes into column A.  I need for the name to be in column A, the phone # in column B, etc.  I'm sure there is a way to pivot the data around and have tried using pivot tables but no luck so far.  Currently, I am having to cut and paste the data into the columns I need so it imports into SalesForce.  Anybody solved this issue before?



Not really an Excel Connector issue as such, but you should be able to do this by using "Paste Special..." instead of simple paste and then check the checkbox for Transpose.

You may need to paste it regularly first and then mark all of them and copy them from within Excel before you do Paste Special...


Let me know if it helps.


Yep, that did it.  I knew it wasn't complicated but thank you for saving me a lot of time.  The only other thing that  would make the process even smoother is somehow automatically separating certain data into different cells.  For instance, one web page lists the city, state, and zip all on one line so when I paste special>transpose, all 3 of these values occupy one cell.  I experimented with the "text to columns" command but that didn't work.  You've helped me out a bunch already so don't worry about this but if you happen to know how to do this off the top of your head I would appreciate a quick reply.  Thanks again, Jeff