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Anyone know a way to use APIs newer than 16.0 with Excel Connector?

I'd really like to be able to access Chatter related objects, as well as some others that won't show up when using 16.0.  Hoping that someone will know of a way to achieve this with Excel Connector.  Not looking for alternative tools, but rather hoping that someone knows how to update the Excel Connector and be kind enough to contribute that to the community.


I just installed the latest office toolkit but no luck with anything later than 16.0. Would love a workaround too!!


I'm aware of Super Cell and several other tools that can be used with newer APIs.  I subscribe and utilize many of them.  That said, I use Excel Connector virtually every day and the other tools only a few times each week.  I'm not looking for a replacement for Excel Connector -- just a way to upgrade it to work with newer APIs.


Can supercell update sf.com in excel like excel-connector?