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Export all SalesForce data to Excel??

I know there are ways to download contact details etc... to excel but is there anyway to download ALL SalesForce data in one large spreadsheet? Or do you have to download certain areas seperately?

Any help would be appreciated.


Nathan CrosbyNathan Crosby

There's the ability to run a weekly or monthly extract depending on your Edition - search on 'Exporting Backup Data' in the online help. Here's a snippet:


Available in: Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions

Available for an additional cost in: Professional Edition


User Permissions Needed
To export data:“Weekly Data Export”

Your organization can sign up to receive backup files of your data. You can export all of your organization's data into a set of CSV (comma-separated values) files. To sign up for the Data Export Service, contact salesforce.com.

If you give a user the “Weekly Data Export” permission, which is needed to export data, he or she has view access to all data that is exported, and can see all custom objects and fields in the Weekly Export Service page. This permission is granted by default only to the System Administrator profile because of the wide visibility it enables.

If your organization is configured for data export, you can generate backup files manually once every six days or schedule them to generate automatically at weekly or monthly intervals.

  1. Click Setup | Data Management | Data Export and Export Now or Schedule Export. The Export Now option prepares your files for export immediately. This option is only available if a week has passed since your last export. The Schedule Export option allows you to schedule the export process for weekly or monthly intervals.

Thanks Nathan but is there a way export all the Contacts, dashboards, leads etc... at once? As oppossed to downloading one report/list of contacts... after another? Or can it only be done that way?


Nathan CrosbyNathan Crosby

The above solution will give you a complete extract of all your data in one file.


the export function in excel will still pump out multiple files. if you want a heavy duty backup option, check out CRM fusion's Demand Tools. 





The DemandTools MassBackup module allows the user to create an automatic MDB (Microsoft Access) backup of their salesforce.com data on their local computer. This useful tool allows for custom selection of tables and custom scheduling. The MDB database that is created is fully relational and useful for analytics, security and integrations. It may also be mass modified and re imported into salesforce.com with MassEffect!



I would highly recommend running this on a box that you can let sit for a while, it is not the quickest in the world, and seems to grab lots of resources...


Look at  http://code.google.com/p/sqlforce/wiki/CopyForce

It does not go directly into Excel but will transfer into SQLServer (getting Excel from there is a piece of cake).


The tool is cheap enough (on transaction counts) to run every day and also does incremental backups.

Best of all it is open source.





Just wondering if you could explain how te export contactdetails from Salesforce to Excell or Google docs. I can't see such function.


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Most spreadsheet apps will impose a row and/or column limit making it impossible to fit all of your Salesforce data into one sheet.  You can however use FlatlyIO to automatically export several separate objects to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel Online tables, then using Import Range you can aggregate only the columns and rows that you want into one table. Disclosure:  I work at Flatly.