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Importing Date Data Failure

Hi, I can't get Salesforce to import dates.  I did my trial import and 5 out of 6 date of births failed.  I have changed the excel formular to be the same as the help and training format of:

m/d/yyyy h:mm AM/PM

but still have issues.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!


Highlight all of the fields in excel that contain dates and click format cells. Click in the date category and then in the 'Type:' box make sure you have selected the format that is displayed as *14/03/2001. So make sure you select the date format that has a * next to it. This should then left you import date data.
I have the same issue, the date information is not recognised when importing data to a custom date field from a CSV. Tried your setting here and also the full datestamp recomended for the data loader (I'm using the wizard), neither worked...

If you're using the import wizard, try your organizations default locale standard date or datetime format. (Should match the form display format)



06/25/2010 12:00:00 AM (DateTime)

06/25/2010 (Date)



If you're using the data loader, try the system date/datetime format:


1999-01-01T23:01:01+01:00 (DateTime)

1999-01-01 (Date)



Yes, it's important to check EXACTLY your locale setting format for your specified locale, particularly if you are importing a full date and time stamp field. You can check your specific setting in the documentation here.


(NB that uses an ambiguous date as an example on the above page and don’t appear to specify which it’s meant to be. (it’s meant to be displaying Feb 1, 2008,  - not Jan 2, 2008). Canada settings are same as UK: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm)


I was trying to bring in a date-time field from Excel using the Wizard. I didn't want to dump the time setting. My Excel sheet was using a custom time setting that *appeared* to correspond with my locale setting in (ie don't select Date, select Custom to see the format) The Excel setting was dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm. I also had seconds in my Excel sheet (they did not create a problem)


The way i solved this problem was by noticing in the supported locale setting for my locale, Canada, that was only accepting a 12-hour clock setting, not the 24-hour clock setting that was displaying in Excel. Originally, I didn't think this was a problem because when I actually set focus to the Excel field, it displayed a 12-hour clock setting in the field contents bar at the top of the sheet, so I figured Excel was storing a 12-hour clock. So, to resolve,  I regenerated the original Excel sheet so that the date both displayed on the sheet and which showed in the field contents bar (once you clicked on the cell) was the 12hr clock, as this is the correct format supported in by the locale setting for Canada. (FYI that all my locale settings, User and Company, in sf were English(Canada) and that the Regional Settings on my computer are English (US). Import flew in with the CSV after this adjustment.)