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does excel connector work with office 2007?

When I go to download the excel connector from http://sforce.sourceforge.net/excel/index.htm...

i download office toolkit 3.0 and unzip the file, it tells me that i should find the "sforce_connect.xla" in the instructions but i only see "sforce office toolkit.msi" in the zip file.  where do i find the sforce_connect.xla file?

I have office 2007, is that the reason why?

link to instructions

Did you ever get any response on this?  I just upgraded to Office 2007 and noticed that my Excel Connector for SF is no longer there. I don't want to go through the hassle of trying to install something if it doesn't work!
Any info would be greatly appreciated

I just wanted to post a follow up to this. I have installed the Professional edition connector using Excel 2007... And it works as before (with excel 2003)

The toolbar is gone, but the functionality is available in the the "add-ins" ribbon.



OMG - I got office 2007 2 weeks ago.  Installed the connector and could NOT figure out how to get it to work.  THANK YOU for the tip on looking in the "Add-ins Ribbon"    Not knowing what a ribbon is, and for those of you who don't,  click on the "Add-ins" tab, and there it is!!