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Please Need Import Help

I need help please! Have deadline and never faced this complex of a data import. We are importing data from an old web based system that we do not have control over


In Salesforce:


I have 1 Parent object : Clients


And 5 related objects via master-detail or lookup:



Client Debt

Payment History


Financial Profile




The export from the old system is seperated into similiar objects, 6 individual files.


There is one field in common in every excel file : CUSTOMER ID which is the filed that correlated the objects in the old system


How do import the custom objects?


I accomplished the client file obviously by simply importing it. Contacts I got done by including the CUSTOMER ID in the (Client)  import and then simply exporting the Client ID and CUSTOMER ID and pasting into the excel file (which was sorted exactly the same way with all of the customer id's, so the client id's matched up)


The problem is the other files will not match up as some clients do not have debt or offers(or they may have 9 debts) so I cannot simply paste the salesforce id's in. The customer id is unique, but in the case of debts and payments may exist multiple times.



How do i get this data in?






If you have duplicate rows, you can use Excel 2007 to automatically elminate the duplicates (Data - Data Tools  - Remove Duplicates) or sort and then use a formulat to identify those rows that appear more than once and then eliminate them, for example, =COUNTIF(B1:BA87;B1).

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Hi, I believe you've migrated the data successfully, yet want to drop here an advice for users struggling with the same issue.

Try out automated data migration service Data2CRM to import CRM/CSV/Excel/Gsuite to Salesforce (https://www.data2crm.com/migration/crm/salesforce-migration-service) automatically.
Or use custom migration for advanced possibilities. It is possible to create Custom fields and map data in the right way.

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