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Unexpectedly Small Number of Results


I installed the Excel Connector in Excel 2003 on a user's computer and all appeared to work until I ran my first query. I ran a query on contacts with no filter and it returned just 24 contacts of a total of around 3,500 contacts. The Account query was similar: 45 accounts returned of 300 expected.


1. No Where clause in the Connector.

2. No roles, OWD= all public, profile includes Modify All.

3. User can access all of the records in Salesforce.

4. When I test on my computer (Excel 2007), the same query returns all data.


Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks!



I've the same problem on my computer.

 - Connector: "SForce Office Toolkit"
 - Excel: version 2007 with SP2
Connector configuration:
 - Server URL: https://test.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/16.0

I'm not able to retrieve all records with the Excel connector:

SELECT count() FROM Account a
 -> When executing this query with the Eclipse plugin: 181 records
 -> When using the Excel connector to query the Account table without any clause: "Query : drawing complete, 9 total rows returned"

I found a mean to by-pass this problem: I add a 'fake' clause in the query (e.g. Account ID not equals to nothing).

With this, all records can be recovered into the Excel sheet, but in my own opinion, querying data table without any clause should be the correct solution.



Thanks for responding.  Glad I'm not the only one.  Last week, I found a similar workaround by adding the Where clause, "Created Date > 1/1/2001"


But I agree that there should not need to be a workaround.  Is there a way to report this as a bug?


The right way to report this as a bug may be to post on the project bugtracker.

I don't know if you must be or not a project member for adding a new issue.
I found this one:
But this issue seems to be related to integer encoding (32767 = 2^15 - 1) and is probably not linked with our issue.



I believe that this is related to the date field that is used for the query if you don't add any filters yourself.


Just like AWL-CRM described, the best way I've found to bypass it is to do something like "Account ID not equals (blank)".  That will return every record you have, since all accounts have an account ID.


(blank) is actually empty, it does accept that.