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Julie DJulie D 

Wild Error!

I've had the Excel Connector installed and working fine for months, but today when I try to use the Query Wizard it returns an Excel dialog box with the error message:
describeBox_init: wild_error
I've tried closing Excel and replacing the xla file, but still get the error.
Any ideas?
Having same problem. Any help out there?
After coming back to my computer the next day (following a powerdown and a night off) the excel connector is working normally.

If you get this problem, try a restart or prolonged powerdown before loosing cool.

I also received this error. I believe it is because your password has expired in the application. Try logging in and changing your password then going back to Excel and re-launch the Sforce connector. This worked for me.

I am not sure how this qualifies to be labeled a 'wild error', I think 'password error' would be more appropriate (but would not sound as exotic!).


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
Rhonda RossRhonda Ross

@ggsell solved my problem.  Thanks!