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Adding multiple comment fields


I have cases with status= "On Hold" and would like to know how I can setup a way to automatically update all those recs with a new public comment that also sends an e-mail to the contact on the account.

( just as if I were to manually click in the case on New comment, type the text and click the make public and send email check boxes and finally save.

I have created a report to select all the correct records and saved them in excel with the fields Case number(which is unique), Status and Description. I added a column for comment and have updated the comment field with the text that I want in salesforce for each of those recs.

I read the update and insert section and wanted to verify whether or not using the insert would be the correct choice for what I'm trying to do. I'd like to have those recs updated with the new comment that I created in the excel spreadsheet.

My question is when I use the Excel connector to load this data do I have to first get all the other fields in the Cases view into the spreadsheet and only add the comment field because that's the one being added.

Also because  this is going to be sent to the contact person in the case, I'd like to know how to update the 2 check boxes that are for "make public" and "e-mail notification to contact". Do I have to add those field names in Excel? If yes then what do I add in the cells to correspond to the check mark in salesforce? Is it an ASCII code?


Thanks in advance