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Exporting data from Salesforce

Hello all,

This might seem like a pretty elementary question but I can't seem to be able to figure out how to export data from Salesforce. On the help section, it says I'll need the "Apex Data Loader export wizard". Where do I find that and how do I install that?

Thank you.

I have exactly the same problem very easy to put in but Salesforce have done a sterling job to make it hard to extract. If I find out I will let you know

There are several ways to extract data -- however all of these are controlled by your profile.  So if you are not the System Administrator in your organization, you may or may not see these options:

1.  In reports, there is an export button to extract you report data.

2.  You can get an extract of all your data (or a subset) by navigating to Setup | Data Management | Data Export.  This feature is available in the Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.  If you're on Professional Edition, this feature can be enabled for an additional fee.  It's not available for the other editions.

3.  You can export data using the Data Loader (referenced in this post).  You need to install the Data Loader on your computer.  To navigate to the file that you need to download and install:  Setup | Data Management | Data Loader.

There's also other ways through third party tools such as the Excel Connector



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For option #2, is there a way to automate this?   Our organization wants to download all data once per week.  Options #1 and #3 are not appropriate because they do not download all the data.   #2 does, but I have not figure out how to automate it.   It seems to require that the export is manually requested, and then after receiving an e-mail someone manually logs in within 48 hours and downloads with their webbrowser.


Ideally what would be nice is if we could just feed the e-mail into a java application that would use an API to download the export.





As a matter of fact, I have our SalesForce set up to do a full export every week. Go to "Data Management: Data Export", and then click on the "Schedule Export" button.


You will have the option of exporting your data weekly or monthly. You will also select the day and time. (I have it for Sunday at 2 AM.)


You can also choose to export all your data or only certain tables.


When your export is completed, you will get a notification by email. Then you have three days to go back into the Data Export section to download your backup. (If you wait longer, then the export will disappear.)


Hope this helps.




Thanks for the reply JillW.   Actually, no that doesn't help.   We are trying to figure out a way to automate the export.  Relying on someone reading their e-mail, and manually downloading the file is not automated.   The other problem we run into with the scheduled process, is the schedule is not reliable.   Sometimes it can take nearly a full week from the scheduled time to when the export actually completes.   So the person doing the download can not plan their schedule so they are in the office when the data is ready to download.





OK... then my next idea is DemandTools. I've used this to upload records and dedupe SalesForce in both jobs where I've worked with SalesForce. (In fact, I lobbied for it when my current employer adopted SalesForce.)


It also has a mass back up feature that downloads all (or part) of your SF database. Use Windows own "Schedule Tasks" function (in the control panel) automate it. (DemandTools includes specific details on how to set this up in their help files.)


The upside to this is that you can run DemandTools' mass backup more than once a week.


The downside is that you have to buy a license for DemandTools, but you also get a free license for PeopleImport. I have found both tools to be extremely useful.


Thanks, JillW.   One of our administrators has been working on modifying a free eclipse module to do the same type of things.   I will suggest they compare what is available for DemandTools, as that might be cheaper than the cost of the development time.   Of course, the advantage of eclipse, is it works out of the box for Linux.   But we have a cloud of virtual machines we can use for tasks under Windows, so it is only a minor advantage...



I expect that Linux has a way to schedule tasks to run automatically. Then you'd only need to adapt the DemandTools instructions to fit.

JillW.   Oh, I was taking your comment about using Windows Scheduler to mean that DemandTools only runs under Windows...



Ah, good point. I don't know if DemandTools runs under Linux. I looked at CRMFusion's website, but I didn't see an answer to that.


Did you find a way to automate? I am working on a disaster recovery plan for our salesforce db and have a similar need. Please let me know.




A weekly export service is available to customers, and is outlined below. 

The weekly export service allows organizations to export a complete set of their salesforce data including all attachments for archival purposes. A system administrator can request a data export once every seven (7) days. The service will automatically extract the organization's data into compressed .csv data files and send an email confirmation to the administrator requesting the export. 

The email will contain a web address to a secure page, from which the administrator can download the series of compressed data files.

To request a data export, follow the steps listed below.

1. Click on:

Setup | Administration Setup | Data Management | Data Export.

2. Select the "Include attachments" check box (if desired).

3. Select any data that you would like to include by checking the box next to the name of the object. Selecting the "Include all data" box will include data from all tables.

4. Click the "Data Export" button.

A confirmation email will be sent when the export has completed, with a link to the export files, as mentioned above.

The weekly export service is available for all Enterprise Edition customers, and is included in your license fees. The weekly export service is available to Professional Edition customers as an add-on service, for $50/month. 


Thanks, but if you had read the thread, this method has already been discussed.  What we are looking for is a way to automate this process.   e.g. Something that can just run as a scheduled task, and not require manual intervention every week.




Just saw this app that may help



This is an informative thread - thank yout.  I'm from the Oracle world.  Is there really no way to easily export one object without naming all the fields (SOQL and DataLoader) or selecting matching field names for every single field in the object?  We have  alot of customized fields.   I need a 2ndary backup before I do deletes on an object.  I do not want to mess with the full backup that is done weekly via Salesforce behind the scenes.



Nope.  You really do have to name all the fields in the query.   You can your code to dynmically create your query.  Even then there are some objects that really a problem.   For example, our organization has too many custom fields on Opportunities for the wsdl to java methods to generate valid code.   So we end-up "fixing" the javacode with an sed script before compiling it.   I imagine our "fix" would create complications if we were to try to generate a dynamic query in java to retrieve all the opportunity fields.   A better way to a retrieval of all fields would be a service call written in apex, at is is much easier in apex to retrieve details about fields and generate the dynamic query.

I recently changed companies and have a new Salesforce account. However my iPhone has the mobile app and all of my contacts from my previous company are still on there. Does anyone know how I can extract the Salesforce data that resides on my mobile app since that account is no longer active? Thanks.

Hi everyone, Starz26 is right, CloudAlly can help. We provide automated daily Salesforce backups (including Chatter feeds) to unlimited Amazon S3 secure storage. Your admin can register, activate CloudAlly and then activate daily Salesforce backups of your entire organization with a few simple clicks. You can backup multiple organizations and we support Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.


This eliminates the need to run the weekly export, which saves our clients quite a few hours of manual work each week, while providing the daily backups needed for a comprehensive business continuity plan. And we provide unlimited retention of your daily archives so you can recover data from any point in time, whenever needed. 


In addition to Salesforce, we also backup Google Apps (Mail, Docs, Contacts and Calendar), Gmail and Yahoo Mail. 


We offer a 15-day free trial with no credit card required, so I invite you all to visit and activate your automated daily Salesforce backups today. Thanks!


Murray Moceri

Marketing Director, CloudAlly




Thanks, I'm also trying to export some of my data and waiting ona link to download, but nothing happening. Please can you advice?


To export contact or lead data from Salesforce to your iPhone  you could use the app called Contact2CRM for Salesforce


The app also helps in uploading your iPhone contacts into Salesforce as contact or lead if you want to do that as well.


Here's a good demo showing chart & tabular data being exported from Salesforce to Excel using Swivelscript :


Linux / Unix has got crontab to schedule tasks / scripts, etc. at command also does a similar job but is ideal for running a task only once.

Clara TiphaineClara Tiphaine
Can automate the extract of data by using the CLI of the Data Loader, check this link :
Whatfix has some step-by-step guides created to export data in Salesforce. Hope this helps.!flows/how-to-export-data-from-salesforce/3f11f740-fa05-11e4-9172-448a5b5dd5b8/!flows/how-to-export-contacts-from-salesforce/2f312920-fa0c-11e4-8b7a-448a5b5dd1ba/!flows/how-to-export-all-your-salesforce-contacts-to-excel/974430b0-ffcb-11e4-b8ca-448a5b5dd5b8/

Hi All,
I need to extract data from a pacakge which is expired. The objects are shown in the Set up section, but i am not able to extract any data from those objects in the package, I am not able to make a query also. can anyone help on this.
Marion McAllisterMarion McAllister
Hello, does anyone know how to export all quote pdfs from Salesforce? 
Martina CrispoMartina Crispo
Hello, I have a question. I managed to download the data loader. 
I would like to export the products so that I can add many more and insert them in bulk, so in one go.
Now, whenever I extract a page, does it duplicates the info? Am I losing the info on the system or just duplicating them through a downloaded document?

Many thanks.

De'Anna CDe'Anna C

I know it's been a while, but thought I'd answer in case you (or anyone else) still needed to know. When you extract, you are pulling a copy (duplicate) of the data. If you upsert a list with new and existing items, you will want to be sure to leave the Salesforce ID for those products in place or it will duplicate. If you aren't changing any if the existing data, you can delete all the existing records from your export & just save the column headers for the new products you are loading then do a bulk insert. 

Hope that's helpful, 
Harry RickyHarry Ricky
To make an automated extract of your data from Salesforce to databases or file storages, try Skyvia. It's a no coding cloud-based service with a pretty simple GUI and flexible scheduling settings.

Here you can find more about it: