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How to use Excel Connector to turn 15 digit IDs into 18 digit IDs?

I have been unable to ascertain how to use the Excel Connector to turn 15 character IDs in an Excel spreadsheet into 18 character IDs, which is something I read was possible on a forum post. I've watched the videos and searched the forums. I know the function "FixID" is involved, but I'm unable to make it work. I've installed the toolkit and correctlt installed the connector, but that's as far as I've gotten.


Could someone please dumb this down for me with step by step instructions?


Here's an example:



2Account IDfixid(cell ref)
 Formula in b3 isfixid(A3)
 Formula in b3 isfixid(a4)



I've done that, but the problem is the formula is remaining in the cell without actually performing the calculation to convert it. What else do I need to do?

There's nothing special you need to do - just typing the formula should do it.


I would check two things:


1.  Make sure that you don't have Excel setup to display formulas instead of results of the formulas.

2.  Make sure that the field you typed the formula into started off as truly empty, not just looking empty.  One way to test this is insert a new column and then type in the formula.


Oh -- a third thing.  Do make sure that you are telling Excel that this is indeed a formula.  Do that by typing = before you type fixid(cell ref). 






No, I checked all of those things and it still wouldn't work. But I did finally manage to make it work but saving the .xls file as a .csv file. Now the FixID() function works perfectly. Thanks for all the help!

I too cannot make this formula work. I have checked all the fixes suggested and saved the file as a CVS file; still no luck.


One more thing to check - make sure the cell type is set to "General" and not to "Text" or "Number".

You can go to Developer tab and click on "Macro Security" button on the left and make sure the security settings are correct. Excel connector doesn't have a "signed macro" so that might be the problem. see the wiki documentation about macro security