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Invalid field Training_Course_Plan_FCS__c for SObject Initiative_Settings__c


I have the following two sections of code that I need to understand. Initiative_settings__c is not a standard object or custom object that I can see in SF. But I can see the scheme through Eclipse. The scheme has fields in it. One of which is ANN_Marketing__c which is referenced in the second set of code? How is this sObject Built and how do I add additional fields to it? 

private Initiative_Settings__c getInitiativeSettings() {
return Initiative_Settings__c.getInstance();

public boolean getContainsAnnMarketingCampaigns() {
return getInitiativeSettings().ANN_Marketing__c && !getAnnMarketingCampaigns().isEmpty();

public List getAnnMarketingCampaigns() {
return filterList('ANN Marketing');


Could Initiative Settings be a Custom Setting?


Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings


You Are Correct....  Thanks!