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SalesForce SDK for Android: is there a way to by-pass the OAuth?

Our requirement is to build an Android Application using the SalesForce SDK to interact with the SalesForce data. I got the Template app running but the real challenge begins now. Getting the required data from our SalesForce org without asking the user for his/her user credentials. The purpose is to make the application public.

Can some one suggest me how to go about it??
Your help will be much appriciated.
I think its tough to access and share salesforce data without authentication when the requirement is to update and save records but I would suggest you to have a look at Force.com Site (http://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=sites_limits.htm&language=en_US#SitesLimits) by Salesforce which allows public to view Salesforce Data without any authentication required.