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How can I use a URL to link to an article in the tool

I need to be able to provide a link to an article that is only available on the internal channel. The problem is that the current URL for the article searches by ID which changes everytime the article is published. ex: https://familysearch.my.salesforce.com/knowledge/publishing/articlePreview.apexp?id=kA230000000ZKb7&popup=true&pubstatus=d&preview=true

Is there a way to restructure the URL to lookup the article by Article Number instead of ID, and always get the latest version? If so how can we make that also work for non-English translations of the article?

Thomas Bille RasmussenThomas Bille Rasmussen
Article ID does not change with the various versions as far as I can tell. Just link directly to the article if viewing internally: https://naxx.salesforce.com/kA7a000000012345