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Dynamic Choice Filtering

The screen allows the user to loop through adding a product from a dropdown list.
The list is populated via a dynamic choice that populates with 10 products.
Each time a product is added i wanted to remove that product from the dropdown. I did this by using an assighnment and populating a variable that was then used in the filter for the dynamic choice. This works fine the first iteration, however when the next product is selected the variable no longer works in the filter.
Have tried to format the variable using commas, stovepipe and Or as the sepearator but none seems to work.
Is there a way to filter on multiple variables (as per normal SOQL) in a single line of the filter. as below
 User-added image
Hi , 

Did you try the Dependent Picklist, Field Dependencies? which can filter out the Values based on the 1st picklist value.