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Wrapper class collection's scope

I have a VF page, Page1, that contains a Datatable that has it's rows populated through a wrapper class like it is described here: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Wrapper_Class.  Page1 functions just like the example, including the checkboxes for the user to select rows in the table.

I also have a second VF page, page2, that pops up when the user clicks a link on one of the Datatable rows in Page1.  Page2 uses the same controller as Page1 and is suppose to process the rows that have their checkbox selected.  The problem is that the object collection that was built to populate the Datatable for page1 is null when I get to Page2.  Should I be able to see the members of the collection in Page2?  If so, how can I access them?  Thanks

Can you explain a bit more, it would be great if you post your code that is failing and add a screenshot via tinypic.com