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Transfer chat

Hi all,

I'm using the capabilities of Salesforce Live Agent chat and I noticed that when the chat is transferred from one agent to another all references (leads , cases and so on) are lost.

The agent accepts a chat with a new client and during the conversation begins to create and fill a new lead and a new case. At one point, unable to meet the demand of the customer, he decides to transfer the chat to an agent with more skill. He saves the lead and the case and associates them with the chat details. When he pushes the transfer button, the console opens a pop-up that says that all references will be lost. If he continues, the new operator will not be able to recover either the lead or case and he will have to generate a new ones making a mess.

My question is: "in the process of chat transfer, is there a way to make sure that the records created during the chat are transferred as well ?" The behaviour I would expect in tranferring is that everything was opened in agent A' console will be open in agent B' console.

Note that there are no customizations in this process.

Thank you,
Hello Andrea,

As per design transferring chat does not involve reassignment of cases/leads etc. I would suggest you to post this requirement as an idea in idea exchange portal if you wish to have such functionality in near future release:


 I too have the same problem.  My requirements is to transfer chat  from one agent to another agent.
I have configured two skills with single agent. When the customer chat with agent with the corresponding skills. And he want's to transfer to another agent with another skills. The problem is i can  see the "Chat Transfer" image. But it is disabled.  And i could not able to proceed.

Could you pleae guide me regarding this issue how to procced to enable it..

Guy KeshetGuy Keshet
you can't transfer the chat to an agent with another skill - both agents should share the relevant skill set...
Guy KeshetGuy Keshet
Hi Andrea - I have the same issue from you, and I'm not too happy with the response here: the scenario is:L an agent starts dealing with a chat and raised a case. The customer is unhappy with the service and asks for an escalation, the agnet escalates and transfers the chat to his manager, but the case is lost...
Guy KeshetGuy Keshet
after long conversations with support and my CST, i can;t seem to convince SFDC this is a bug, not a feature ... I've raised the following idea - can I ask you to vote for it and hofully we can get this "improvment" in a future release?? @andysax84 @vetrivel @
Guy KeshetGuy Keshet
sorry. link missing..
sriram lingamallu 7sriram lingamallu 7
H Keshet - I am still having the same issue, do we need to provide any additional privileges to the second agent who is receiving the chat transfer request or should it work by default. I am creating a Task and a Lead through pre-chat form, when agent A accepts it then a Lead and a Task is created, when the same chat is transferred to Agent B only the Lead is being transferred and displayed. The task is linked to the Lead when the chat request was accepted by the Agent A.
ankit Kumar 5656ankit Kumar 5656
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