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Is there any way to get New button with standard functionality on my related list when I overrided standard New button?

I overrided the New button in Case object to display a VF page. Now, I want to add a button on related list which will act as a standard new button. Can someone help me to do this.?

You can create a custom button like:

window.open('{!URLFOR($Action.Case.NewCase, Case.Id )}');
Thanks for the reply.

'{!URLFOR($Action.Case.NewCase)}' will redirect user to the overrided page.
But, on click of standard button, user is redirected to record type select page or edit page depending on the assigned record types to that user.

I want this functionality for my New button.

You have to Follow below steps for your requirement.

1. Override standard "New" button of case with your Page.
2. Create New Custon button Type = "List Button" on Case Object 

New Case Create

3. Remove standard "New" button and add Newly created "New Case" Button on related list of case using "Edit Layout"

Add NEw Case button To Layout

Thank You,
Hitesh Patel
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Hi Hitesh,

The custom button you created would not redirect user to the record type select page if there are multiple record types associated with him/her.
Please consider above scenario also.