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Continuous Integration


We are using Enterprise Edition[Using Only one Instance for all Developers]. We were asked to use Continuous Integration.
Which is good tool for Continuous Integration of Force.com Code and how to setup it?

Many Thanks in advance.

Could you please explain what is continuous integration? What are you trying to integrate with salesforce? If you are looking for option of how to integrate then first decide which API are you going to use. Please refer following help link:


Let me know if i misunderstood your question.

See here:


Use Git for version control
Navneeth RokallaNavneeth Rokalla
Hey People.

Let me attempt to answer, Continuous integration is the practice of frequently integrating one's new or changed code with the existing code repository.

If you might want to experience CI  to your force applications/org's then sign up on www.autorabit.com, They will help organisations with a 30 day trial version.

They offer much more than CI, entire release management, The Product is called RABIT - As the name suggests - Product is also very exciting and heavily aspired across force org's.

Hope this helps..