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migration tool

Hi All - I am new to the SFDC Migration Tool and am having issues with circular dependencies when performing a validation.  The issue is with a VF Controller and a VF page.  These are not new files,  I am making updates to both.  In the controller I have deprecated some getter methods and have added new ones.  I have updated the page accordingly, removing references to the old and adding references to the new.

I have included both of these files (controller & page) in my package.xml.  When validating I get an error telling me that the page is looking for one of the deprecated methods eventhough the updated page that I am deploying does not reference that method (I have checked...and double checked).

Obviously if I try just deploying the new page I get an error telling me that the updated VF page references methods that are not in the controller.

I believe that I can come up with an ugly multistep workaround, but wondering if others have a more elegant way of handling this scenario?

Thank you for any information that you could provide.

I use the migration tool pretty much exclusively for interacting with code and metadata, and I think I know what you have happening, it happens to me occassionally with properties as well that I've surfaced on the page. Are you using the tool to work in a sandbox and deploy files as you edit them externally, or are you encountering this when using the tool to deploy to production?

Hi KC - Here is what I'm doing.  All of my code that I want to move is currently in our QA (full) Sandox.  Because I have never used the Migration Tool before, I want to 'practice' deployments by deploying to another Sandbox within our Org.  It's just a clean dev sandbox.  I have created my, build.xml and package.xml.  Between the fields, triggers, classes, etc I have about 70 members in my package.xml.  Using the tool I do the following.
1.  Backup Prod (in this case a dev sandbox)
2.  Pull down QA for Validation/Deployment
3.  Validate a deployment
4.  Deploy.

It's during the validation of deployment that I get this circular reference issue.  All other members are validated successfully it's only this VF page/controller that is causing me issues.

So, short answer to your question is that I am encountering this issue when deploy to production (sandbox).  I use Eclipse plugin for code changes.

Thank you for your response.
Quick update on this.   Here's how I was able to get everything to validate/deploy.

1.  Delete everything between the page tags of the VF page causing issues and save.
2.  Pull everything down using Migration Tool.
3.  Run deploy validation - validation = success.
4.  Deploy - deploy = sucess.
5.  Add the contents back into my VF page and save.
6.  Update package.xml to only include page and run deploy validation - validation = success
7.  Deploy VF page - deploy = success.

This makes no sense as the method called out by the migration tool was not directly or indirectly called from my page.