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Parse XML in an Attachment File

I have an xml file which is being loaded into Salesforce as a document using the input file tag (VF Page), I am able to access the document and get the contents. I am assigning the contents to a DOM.Document object, but when I am trying to traverse down to child objects it is not giving the values and its always null.

This is the body of text file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <SalesProcess Name="Test Process">
      <Phase Name="Test" Order="1" Duration="0">
           <Goal Name="Test" Order="1" Confidence="0">
                <Description>Test Goal</Description>

Method Parsing the document

public void loadAttachment(){
        String paramvalue = EncodingUtil.base64Encode(attach.body);
        Blob afterblob = EncodingUtil.base64Decode(paramvalue);
        attachmentBody = afterblob.tostring();
        Dom.Document document = new Dom.Document();
        Dom.Xmlnode rootnode = doc.getrootElement();
        for(Dom.XMLNode child : rootnode.getChildElements()) {
           System.debug(child.getName()); // This value is blank.

When I debug I am getting the following string as root node

XMLNode[ELEMENT,Process,null,null,null,[XMLNode[ELEMENT,SalesProcess,null,[common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@6393be55, common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@78b4f185, common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@2f5c90ac],null,[XMLNode[ELEMENT,Phase,null,[common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@661e247e, common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@44ee0092, common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@65679498],null,[XMLNode[ELEMENT,Goal,null,[common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@734cbb2a, common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@3293fd89, common.apex.api.dom.XmlNode$Attribute@11ea4750],null,[XMLNode[ELEMENT,Description,null,null,null,[XMLNode[TEXT,null,null,null,null,null,Test Goal,]],null,]],null,]],null,]],null,]],null,]

I printed the document.tostring() and the string is matching the  xml, but i am not able to access the document values and it gives me a weird string when try to access the root node, if i try to access root node child i get a blank value.

Code sample in following links will hepl you:
Like I said earlier all the documents have been referred.