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String concatenation issue in before udpate trigger: concatenates twice

Hi all,

I am facing an issue in a before update trigger, I am just trying to add some characters at the end of a String field:[0].myField__c  =[0].myField__c  +  ',00' ;

The issue is that when I enter 12 in this field I should get 12,00.
However I get : 12,00,00

So it looks like my string is concatenated twice...could someone help?

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May be your trigger excuting recursively. Can you please share your code, so that we can analyse. 


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May be your trigger excuting recursively. Can you please share your code, so that we can analyse. 

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Sure, here it is (that is what I am thinking about as well):

trigger CountryFieldFormatting on Personal_Data__c (before insert,before update) {
    Map<Integer, String> monthMap = new Map<Integer, String>();
    monthMap.put(1,  'January');                
    monthMap.put(2,  'February');              
    monthMap.put(3,  'March');                
    monthMap.put(4,  'April');                       
    monthMap.put(5,  'May');                
    monthMap.put(6,  'June');               
    monthMap.put(7,  'July');                
    monthMap.put(8,  'August');               
    monthMap.put(9,  'September');           
    monthMap.put(10, 'October');              
    monthMap.put(11, 'November');                
    monthMap.put(12, 'December');  
    public String formatDateToLocalDate(Date d){
        if(d == null) return null;
        String localDate;
        String month = getLocalMonthName (  monthMap.get(d.Month())   ,   mt   )  ;
        if (dnf.Starts_with_Month_or_Day__c == 'Day' )   localDate = d.Day() + ' ' + month  + ' ' + d.Year(); 
        if (dnf.Starts_with_Month_or_Day__c == 'Month' ) localDate = month   + ' ' + d.Day()+ ', ' + d.Year();      
        return localDate;
    public String formatCurrencyToLocalCurrency(String amount){
        String s;
        s = amount + decimalSeparator + '00';
        return s;
    public String getLocalMonthName(String month, Months_Translations__c mt){
        Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> mtMap = Schema.SObjectType.Months_Translations__c.fields.getMap();
        String localMonthName = (String) mt.get(mtMap.get(month+'__c'));
        return localMonthName;
    String s;
    if([0].SAP_Proposed_Country__c != null) s =[0].SAP_Proposed_Country__c;
    else if ([0].SAP_Home_Country__c != null) s =[0].SAP_Home_Country__c;
    Date_Number_Formats__c dnf = Date_Number_Formats__c.getInstance(s);
    String language = dnf.Language__c;
    Months_Translations__c mt = Months_Translations__c.getInstance(language);
    String decimalSeparator = dnf.Decimal_Separator__c;
    String thousandsSeparator = dnf.Thousands_Separator__c;
    String temp = '';
    temp = String.valueOf([0].Base_Pay__c);[0].Base_Pay__c = temp  + (decimalSeparator + '00');
You were right, trigger was recursive, that is fixed now