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Formula for saving field content when "Other" is chosen in a pick list.

I am brand new to SF and formulas. I don't know the syntax for this.

I have a Picklist with a bunch of selections. The last selection is "Other" when this is chosen, I want the value a separate field put into the Picklist. So if a person chooses Other, they then fill out a blank field. That field's value would go into the Picklist.

This wrong(syntax is wrong for a Picklist), but might give you an idea of what I am trying to do:

IF (

What I want to do in the simplest of terms is this:

IF (Relationship__c = [NULL or Blank]) THEN (Relationship__c=Woo_Other_Relationship__c)
Aneske MeiringAneske Meiring
Hi. Not sure if you came right, I might be able to assist. 

It looks to me that you want to update a picklits field with the value that the user fill in in the Other field. This cannot be done. 

We can however update a picklist value with a workflow, but you can only select a value from the picklist itself. 
Perhaps you can give me more info?