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Ian SmithIan Smith 

real-time data access via SQL Server

Hi All, does anyone know if it’s at all possible to maintain real-time (LIVE) data from Saleforce into SQL Server (similar to SQL DB Mirroring) in order for us to run accurate SSRS reports?

We currently use DBamp to regularly pull down the data from Salesforce into SQL Server however our use case is to provide a real-time data service outside of Salesforce.


Calling a webservice from within TSQL might help. But this would be a huge strain on resources as any query would have to wait till a response is returned from the Webservice call.

May be polling to a Middleware would help as well.

satish Kumar
Totaly agree with Satish

The best way to maintain real-time (up-to-one minute) data access from Salesforce into SQL Server is to use middleware such as Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/).

It is the cloud-based solution for no-coding integration, it can be understandable for everybody, starting from gurus up to citizen developers