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Suman MSuman M 

Issue when using Standard Transfer Account Tool


I Have a Trigger (UpdateOpportunityTeamHistory) on OpportunityTeamMember, this trigger has actions to be done whenever there is a Delete/Insert happened on the OpportunityTeamMember list. This actions are executed normally as expected in all the other.

In Our case when an Account is transferred using Transfer Account tool, and this in turn updates Opportunity Team  list (i.e.; removing old member X and adding new member Y), in this case only Insert Action in the trigger is executed and the Opportunity Sales Team History is showing only as user Y is added, but the Delete action is not executed in the trigger.

Is there anything related to Transfer Account Tool functionality.

Please help me on this. Thank You
As per the salesforce doc,

Operations that do not invoke Triggers include "Cascading delete operations. Records that did not initiate a delete don't cause trigger evaluation."

Hence,the delete Trigger is not invoked innyour scenario.

Please go through the below link for more :-