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Architecture for a new Site


we currently use a sf site, the visualforce is html & css with a little java (I'm not a techie by the way!), we use apex to query retireve, post etc including utilising HVCP Licences to allow cutomers to register & login.  We have a cart & process payments, all native sf.

We need to update the website look and feel as well as add some new functionality.  I'm also not sure that utilising the HVCP Licences is the way forward.  

My question is:  Should we develop an external, non SF site, and query via API or should we continue to host the site within SF?  If you were starting from scratch what would be the best solution?

I appreciate that this may be a question for a SF Integrator but just wanted some ideas



I would suggets you to gor for force.com sites. You can not go for site.com, reason being native SF functionality is involved in that and you are creating records from it so some security is also involved.

For implementing force.com sites refer following guide: