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Stuart GrimshawStuart Grimshaw 

How do I assign a quote to a queue during approval?

As part of the approval process for our sales team I'd like to assign a quote to a queue to enable easy management of people who are able to approve the request.

Looking at the list of available object type however, Quote isn't one of them.

Do I have to assign each user 1 by 1 or is there a way to assign quotes to a queue?
Bryn JonesBryn Jones
The best way would be to use feild dependancies. So if assigned name does not equal certain names then do not allow approval.

Hope this helps.
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Stuart GrimshawStuart Grimshaw
Hi Bryn, thanks for the answer but I think you've mis-understood what I'm trying to do. Let me explain the current manual process that I'm trying to create in Salesforce.

WHen we make a sale based on a quote the sales dude sends an email to an internal mailing list and anyone on that mailing list can then take the quote & process the sale.

I'd like to emulate that mailing list by assigning the quote to a Salesforce queue, made up of the same people that are currently on the mailing list, however Quote is not one of the objects that can be assigned to a queue so I'm looking for an alternative way to assign the Quote to a group of people rather than adding them 1 by 1 to the approval process.

Hopefully that makes things a little clearer.

Bryn JonesBryn Jones
You could make a button on Qoute that creates an email and opens it up in the mail client and all the "sales dude" has to do is hit SEND....

Make a custom object called Approval Process and have Qoutes as a related item....Custom objects can be put in queues


Mosh HamedaniMosh Hamedani
The most ideal way is use feild dependancies. So whenever doled out name doesn't rise to specific names at that point don't permit endorsement.
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