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Last modified date workflow rule

Hi, I have created a custom field on Case object  Last modified by owner date/time. I also created a formula field and a workflow rule to insert date and time whenever Only the Case Owner modify the status field. Now i am trying to create another workflow rule that if Case Owner doesn't modify case status with in 3 days then it should send  email notification to manager that the status of this case hasn't been changed by case owner in last 3 days. 

Can you Please help me with this Workflow rule and time dependent rule?
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i think you can
1) create a formula field / return type checkbox on case,
IF (Today () - DATEVALUE (StatusLastModifByCaseOwner__c) > 3, true, false)

2) create a workflow rule with entry criteria: above checkbox is true - add wf rule  - email to send the notification

I hope this helps,
best regards