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George Meyer00739710784449159George Meyer00739710784449159 

Migration Toolkit metadata backup/restore issues between sandboxes

So I'm fairly new to the platform.

That said, I'm working on doing some practical metadata backups and restores for our org and sandboxes using the ANT Migration Toolkit.
Using the IDE I'm able to quickly get the initial package.xml for *everything* and use it to retrieve the related metadata using the Migration Toolkit.
Everything is just wonderful until I retrieve all the metadata from one sandbox and try to deploy on another new sandbox within the same org.

Hundreds of cryptic errors (262 to be exact) occurred with a single deploy. Everything is correct between the orgs and my logins are working fine.

I was under the impression that this stuff just worked. Is it just me or are there other things that the documentation just doesn't tell you??

Hi George,

is it possible that you can share a few errors that you are recieving - it was be easier to say whats going wrong if we know the errora - a screenshot would also work..

George Meyer00739710784449159George Meyer00739710784449159
Lots of these:
198.  profiles/Chatter External User.profile -- Error: No default record type specified for recordTypeVisibility: ContentVersion.

Lots of these:
191.  objectTranslations/Perpetual_Licenses_Support__c-en_US.objectTranslation -- Warning: Invalid picklist value: Non Hosted Tiered Perpetual in field: Perpetual_Licenses_Support__c.Product_Family__c (line 132, column 13)

Bunch of these:
124.  reports/Jimminda_s_Dashboard/ -- Error: Report is Obsolete

So my thinking is this: don't move 'everything.'

Do xml diffs, determine what is different and what you should move and just move that...
It has been a while but do you know what causes these errors? I found the KB article to fix these issues here:

But other than that, would like to t know what causes these:  Error: No default record type specified for recordTypeVisibility: ContentVersion.
Jorge Ortega TraversoJorge Ortega Traverso
Hi all,

I'm suffering with some warning messages mentioned here.
[sf:deploy] Component Failures:
[sf:deploy] 2.  objectTranslations/Point_of_measure__c-es.objectTranslation -- Warning: Invalid picklist value: V in field: Point_of_measure__c.Measure_Point_Status__c (line 77, column 13)
[sf:deploy] 3.  objectTranslations/Point_of_measure__c-en_US.objectTranslation -- Warning: Invalid picklist value: P in field: Point_of_measure__c.Measure_Point_Function__c (line 61, column 13)

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