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I want To write a Test Class For an Employee class .... urgent

Hi Friends
I am new to salesforce so i am struggling abit ...with the coding so please kindly help ....... 
i want to write a test for an employee object and the class name is employee this class written by me to use in  Vf pages 
 i have created a employee object using this class in vf pages..... so now i want to test the class so i am getting error ...plase help class i wrote is 

public with sharing Class Employee

public String Name {get; set;}
public String Qualification {get; set;}
public Integer Age {get; set;}
public Integer Salary{get; set;}
Public String Desig{get; set;}

public list<Employee__c> getEmployeeList{get;set;}

public String getName() {
        return 'Employee';
public pageReference save() {    
  Employee__c E = new Employee__c (
                           Name__c = Name,
                           Desig__c = Desig,
                           Age__c = Age ,
                           Salary__c = Salary,
                           Qualification__c = Qualification   );
                    insert E;
                    PageReference nextPage = new PageReference('/' + E.Id);
        return nextPage;
                    public PageReference saveAndNew() { 
          Employee__c Emp = new Employee__c (
                           Name__c = Name,
                           Desig__c = Desig,
                           Age__c = Age ,
                           Salary__c = Salary,
                           Qualification__c = Qualification   );
         insert Emp;
      return (new ApexPages.StandardController(new Employee__c())).edit();     

public pageReference Clear()
pageReference page = new pageReference('https://ap1.salesforce.com/a03/o');
return page;

public List<Employee__c> EmployeeList()

     getEmployeeList = [select Name__c, Salary__c from Employee__c];
     return getEmployeeList;


public PageReference GetList()
     return null;

and the Test class  I  wrote is
ERROR :System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING, Required fields are missing: [Name__c]: [Name__c]

And i have only one required field in employee object 
Name__c  and data type is    Text(20)
rest of the fields are 

public class Testclass

public static testmethod void Employee()

Employee e = new Employee();

Employee__c empc = new Employee__c();

empc.Name__c = 'Test Name';
empc.Desig__c = 'Testy Designation';
empc.Age__c = 18;
empc.Salary__c = 100;
empc.Qualification__c = 'BE';

insert empc;



Thanks in Advance 

The field Name__c will accept a string, so include the value in quotes. Like:

Name__c = 'Name'

Similarly check data types of other fields and assign values accordingly.
I checked the data types and i am already included in quotes ...... still its getting Error
Norm Sherman SFNorm Sherman SF
Between Employee e = new Employee(); and e.save();, where are you setting the values for your Employee class?