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Ken KoellnerKen Koellner 

Set Sites Public Access user email address to bogus noreply address

We have various emails sent both via code and workflow that sends email to owner and createdBy on Opportunity.  For things created from Sites, the createId is the public access sites user; the email ends up going to a system address and all supporters get it;  that creates a lot of noise we don't want to see.

I'm thinking of changing the email address on public access sites user to a bogus address.  At least in a sandbox, it doesn't appear to validate that it is a real address.  I'd use something like noReply@myDomain.com.  Then if email ever gets sent to things createdBy that user, it would go nowhere.

What I worry about is could there be any other email that gets sent to the Sites Guest User that we might miss if we went with that solution.

Any ideas?
Hi Ken,

Can you parse the email to check the condition ( like if (createdby is Site User  && the Subject contains xxxxx) ) then copy a Support email address.

(Or Subject does not contain xxxx)