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Upgrade a managed package


I have created a manged package and is on AppExchange. Now I want to make chnages to the earlier version and also adding new features(I wanted to modify/delete custom fields,custom objects,vf pages and apex classes too) I cant figure out how to it. I have gone through ISV guide and also https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=publish_upgrades.htm&language=en_US.
It might be a stupid question but where can I modify it. I created a new dev org and installed my managed package there but I cant make any of those changes but in the document it says developer can make those chnages.

Do i need to login to the old dev org on which I made the package to modify? I am stuck, it must be a very basic thing that I am not able to understand

To upgrade your manage package, you make the proper changes in the Developer Edition org where you created the package (ie defined the namespace).

Now, due to how managed packages behave once released, you can't make changes to everything. For example, in the past you couldn't delete a custom field or custom object. Salesforce is actively enhancing the packaging functionality to allow for more wide range component deprecation. In the last release, Winter'14, a pilot is available to deprecate custom fields and custom tabs from your managed package. You can read more details here: http://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter14/release-notes/rn_186_isvforce_managed_component_deletion.htm. Log a case in the partner portal (www.salesforce.com/partnerportal) to request access.

In short, make the changes you like in the DE org where you created the managed package and upload a new version when ready to release it. You should also look into Patches and Push Upgrades to enhance your upgrade/release process.
Thank so much. I was also thinking this but I was scared that it would mess up the current version. So when u chnage the current released manged package in the DE org(with namespace) and you upload it, it will be a new version right, it wont mess the original version which some of the clients are already using?
That is correct.
When you make updates/changes in your DE org, it won't directly impact your existing customers.
After you upload the next version (be it a patch or major release), you can either push it out using the push technology and/or update your appexchange listing to provide the latest version and/or share the url generated when you uploaded the package with your customers so they can manually upgrade.
Thank you sooo much.