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Creating a username and pwd in sfdc and using it in webpage during login

I need to be able to create a username and password in Salesforce and send that out in email to the particular user. The user should enter that username and password to login to a secured webpage (an external webpage). And after the user has filled in the form in that webpage, I want to go ahead and delete the records for those fields so that they wont be able to log back in.

I can put the userName to be the name of the user of sth but how can i auto generate the password.

Please let me know of any suggestions.

Is there a chance that that external webpage can be a force.com site?

- if yes - it will be easy to create username password as users can self register and you can use this site to make users enter details in your Salesforce ORG and delete the user once he logs out.:

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Hi Sonam,
Unfortunately, the external webpage is not the force.com site. Any other idea on it.