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Creating a new contact / Creating a new account from a custom salesforce object

Hi - I have recently created a new custom object which I have called "PD Lead" and want to be able to have buttons to 'create a new contact' and another to 'create a new account' from this custom object. I then want to display the new contact in the custom object as linked.

I have been told by support at salesforce that I need to get some visual force code created to do this.  I am looking for someone to do this over coming days and willing to pay promptly. 

I have enterprise edition and based in Newcastle in Austrralia (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Please respond to me on timh@spatialgroup.com.au if you can help with this.  I'm likely to need more assistance with other projects over coming weeks.
Hi , 

You would need to use a visualforce page and custom controller to accomplish this, there is no standard functionality that will allow you to have the full conversion functionality.

You could have a process similar to this by relating your objects, and have a workflow rule that fires on the creation of the second object and maps all the fields to it, but that will not be completely the same. If you want to replicate the functionality seamlessly you need to use code.

See the links below, 

Salesforce Custom Convert Lead Page and Lead Conversion Process Using Visualforce and Apex




Not quite sure whether this will help, but just imagine, contact simply look up to PD lead.

You could create a button on PD lead object with this kind of url: https://ap1.salesforce.com/003/e?retURL=%2Fpdlead%2Fo&RecordType=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&ent=Contact&FIELDID=PDLEADRECORDID

Then newly created contact will be listed in PD Lead page related list.

On this case, you don't need to build VF page.