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when to use a batch apex?

Can anyone help me out with the answers for the below questions? I shall appreciate your help.

1)Tell me abt urself.
2)What is difference b/w Before insert and After insert?
3)Scenario : i want to insert records in account and contact obj?whc type of event due to use.
4)Have u worked on test method?when is this start and stop method used?
5)can v write a test class without giving start and stop methods?
6)Scenario : i want to create a user and a contact to the user?how do u write thru a trigger?
7)can v write Soql in test classes?
8)Have u created vf pages?on which based reqirements?
9)what is the diff b/w Standard ,custom and extension ctrll?how many ext can be given?
10)Scenario : i have a ctrll and 2 extension with same method as Add contact .so whc ext method is used and why?
11)what is the method to call a Controller through javascript?
12)what is the difference b/w action function,action support?Explain me with a Scenario?
13)what is the difference b/w with sharing and without sharing?
14)what is a user mode and system mode?
15)Can apex class on user mode?
16)what is agile method?
17)HAve u worked on Batch class?
18)Scenario :Using batch class i would like to insert records 10000 records in account and 10000 records in contact .so how many batch classes wil u write?
19)i have 2 batch class - As A and B .How do i identify  which class is running whether its a A class or B class.If the B class is running how do u come to know that the A class got completed.
20)Scenario : I have 10 users with sales rep as their profile.i want 10 users to view account and no edit option?how can i achieve this?
b)i  want 10 users to have  edit option?how can i achieve this?
21)what are record types?

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Job interview?  :-)  If you are brand new to Force dev, I recommend starting with the Workbook (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.186.0.workbook.meta/workbook/workshops_intro.htm).