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security or operational flaw or user error? good browser ( good.com ) + pop ups e.g. task input

I'm trying a good.com browser on an iPad. When I get to the task input window, there are 2 kinds of look up - modal & pop up - modal works fine.

I can't get pop up to work. Maybe it's a user error (wrong settings). Maybe good.com browser isn't operating properly. Maybe it's a valid security flaw that good browser is saving us from. But without a solution from SFDC or Good.com, I've got some re-writing to do...

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Maybe there's a simple setting I overlooked (wouldn't be the first time).

Thanks in advance.
I know that good.com browser is not on the list of approved browsers, but maybe, someday it will be, or maybe, good.com will be able to address the issue on their side.